1. Box Dimensions: 40mm x 450mm x 450mm

  2. Board Dimensions: 18mm x 428mm x 428mm

  3. Anchor Dice x 2

  4. Playing Pieces 4 x Green, 4 x Blue, 4 x Red, 4 x Yellow. Total: 16 x Wood Discs 7mm x 25mm

  5. Brief History & Rules guidelines, A5 Leaflet 4 sided.

  6. Business Card

  7. Printed cloth drawstring bag for playing pieces/dice

  8. Board protected with foam envolope



For Posting.


Posting to UK


Games will be packaged in cardboard box.


Posting Overseas


As above plus extra protection, or in an alternative stronger packaging.

R Class Boats Uckers Board_Front.png
R Class Boats Uckers Board_Rear.png
Uckers Board_packaged.png

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